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Usb 3 - HumpDumpy - 3rd October 2016

Is anybody working towards making Maui to support USB 3?   No I don't know how but I've got a 32 gig thumb drive with music on it.....So...I'm having to plug it into a usb 2 slot so Maui will see it.

RE: Usb 3 - leszek - 4th October 2016

General USB 3 support is included.
Do you have the problem with a live system booting or an installed system?

RE: Usb 3 - Australis777 - 1st August 2017

Replying to a post so old (just spotted this one) it might be irrelevant. I had a Sandisk Extreme USB 3 flash drive that would not be recognized on any OS in USB 3 but did work in USB 2 (MSI FM2 mobo) though it ran fine on other PCs. All other USB 3 flash drives worked perfectly including a Sandisk Ultra Fit. Maybe a BIOS issue, though I did have the latest BIOS.