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Forum needs Mobile-View Pls. - kdemeoz - 23rd December 2016

Hi. The Home page, & Blog, have both desktop & mobile views available, but all the Forums only show in desktop mode. This makes them very hard, to the point of sheer inconvenience & impracticality, to bother trying to read on a mobile phone. In fact, mostly i don't bother even trying anymore to read the Forums on my phone [requires endless zooming, panning & scrolling] ... i need to wait til back at my pc.

Pls can the web designer be asked to also provide a mobile view mode for the Forums?

RE: Forum needs Mobile-View Pls. - leszek - 23rd December 2016

The forum by default does not provide a mobile view. It works fine for me here though on my mobile phone. Maybe it's device dependant.
Nevertheless for mobile support we need to download and integrate a plugin. I am not sure if such a plugin exists for our forums software.

RE: Forum needs Mobile-View Pls. - kdemeoz - 23rd December 2016


Oh, rats.