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What Should I Offer People to Sign Up For My Email List? - buyemaillist - 6th April 2019

Question: How do I get people to join my email list?

Answer: Email lists are of utmost importance in Internet marketing. They allow you to build relationships of trust, and people are not likely to buy from you until they have evolved a sense of trust. One way to view the importance of email lists is that they allow you to do "preselling." It typically takes email list seven to 12 interactions before people buy the first time. The interactions before the purchase are the preselling.

You have to offer something for free in order to get a name and email address. People will not give you that information unless they are getting something out of it. You can advertise the freebie and attract people to your site.

So what sort of free information should you give away? The content had better be relevant to what you are trying to sell. If what you are giving away is not connected, you are getting the email addresses of people who will not be interested in what you want them to buy.

What form should the information be in? It can be in the form of a report or booklet. It can be a video. It can be an audio recording.

Offering an ezine is particularly useful. An ezine comes in emails, which justifies them giving you their email addresses. The ezine maintains contact. Each issue keeps you in their thoughts. The content of the ezine builds relationships and builds trust. Moreover, in the ezine you get to pitch products and include affiliate links. Alas, an ezine does entail commitment. You are committed to producing a new issue on a regular basis, but you can include articles from ezine article directories without charge, making it easier to meet your deadlines.

If publishing an ezine sounds like too much commitment, you could offer a mini-course. Like an ezine, a mini-course justifies your asking for their email addresses since each lesson comes out in an email message. Unlike an ezine, you have all the emails prepared before hand. You can set it and forget it.

You can combine the ideas of the mini-course and ezine creating a "mini zine". You prepare lessons in the mini-course as if they were issues of an ezine. For example, instead of writing each of the lessons yourself, you can include articles you get out of ezine article directories and include videos that are available free on the Web.

The major problem with including articles from ezine article directories is that you are required to keep the "resource box" intact. Your readers may follow the links to the web sites where the authors are selling their own products or promoting affiliate products. This may give the impression you endorse their products when you do not. And what if you do and want to promote their products with your own affiliate links? You really want to have people follow your affiliate links.

You can get an ezine or a mini-course up quickly and offer it in exchange for emails. Of all the things you can offer, an ezine is the one that commits you to keep in touch, which you want. The deadlines are important. No matter what you offer, if you do not keep in touch with your list, you have wasted your effort building it.