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Full Version: Doubt with Discover (software manger) in Maui 2
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Only a little doubt, in Maui 1, have a Discover for search applications, but in fresh install of Maui 2 not have Discover, but the computers that upgrade from Maui 1 to Maui 2 have Discover, and if execute sudo apt autoremove, Discover software manager not remove.

Hi (again Smile)
Maui 2, not have any Software Manager? (not including synaptic).

Only a doubt, in my case, I install all by terminal or synaptic, but its a doubt because maui1 have discover, computer that upgrade from maui1 to maui2 maintains discover software manager, but a fresh install of maui2, not have.
We never shipped discover by default. Not in Maui 1 or Maui 2.
So not sure how you end up having it on Maui 1.

For managing Software packages we only ship synaptic in Maui 2.
We are constantly evaluating Plasma Discover for future inclusion however.
I didn't have Discover to start with (Maui 1), but it appeared after some update or other. I assumed it came with the upgrade to Maui 2.
I was made 3 installations of Maui1 in 3 computers, and in all, have a Discover software manager, but I don't know if are after a some updates or in the moment of fresh install.
I know that, I don't install Discover, but if are install in some update....this I don't know.
I do have Discover, but only because i specifically manually installed it weeks ago, via Synaptic. Similarly i also have Muon. Nonetheless, i tend to mostly just use Synaptic.
I just checked my Maui 1 installed system and indeed Discover has been installed during one of the updates through Mint Update.
This leads to the question, what package is bieng updated that now has discover as one of it's dependancies?

Note: I only use this system for tech support reasons and other than running the updates, this system is a default install with no manually added software.