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Full Version: Solved: maui installation destroyed by backup software : how SSD partition recovery?
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I was overly happy with my maui 2.1 installation and wanted to backup for the first time. Unfortunately qt5-fsarchiver destroyed my partition almost completely. Only a few (not so relevant folders) were left.

I would be happy, if somebody could recommend a (hopefully GUI) software that can deal with SSD partition recovery properly. I tried gddrescue, but did not succeed. Testdisk showed the deleted folders properly, but somehow I could not copy them. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

I suspect that almost all folders / files are in place, but "just" marked deleted or the filetable was deleted partially.

Thanks again for any hint!
If the partition wasn't removed only data on the partition and testdisk can show those deleted files it should be able to restore it.
Here is a tutorial showing how it works:
Thank you very much. I will study it as soon as I find time.

Nevertheless I have taken decision to re-install. I had backup of all important data and from my first install I learned already how to improve installation with different partitions so I took it as a chance to make an even better install.