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Full Version: KDE Plasma settings backup would be wonderful!
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I would really like to see a user-friendly KDE Plasma settings backup tool. It can consume a lot of time to configure all aspects of Plasma. And for various scenarious like upgrades / data losses etc. it could be very helpful to simply restore the settings. Especially for beginners this could be very helpful. And I think maui 2.1 is already on a good way to be usable by Linux beginners.
For Plasma 5.9 there is a Look and Feel package creator which allows you to create LNF packages.
Those LNF packages store the theme configuration (panel configuration, fonts, widget themes, plasma themes, icons) and so on.
That sounds great! When will Plasma 5.9 appear in maui? Is this already foreseeable (roughly?) Do we talk weeks or "years"?

And does it also store system settings, Dolphin settings, symlinks, bookmarks etc.?
It only stores the theme settings not dolphin or systemsettings.
When it comes to Plasma 5.9 we plan to release it together with Maui 3.
Expect it this month or next month.
Very nice... Will there be a flawless upgrade procedure from maui 2.1 to maui 3? And will there be a kind of beta release like Mint does it? I would like to contribute to maui and upgrade my current system to the beta to give reasonable "real life production" feedback so that you have the chance to fix any bugs before fixing maui 3.
As always update is possible by just enabling the backports repos to get the new plasma version.
As for a public beta version. We did not provide any in the past. I don't think this will change.
Ah I see. So you are taking a different approach than the Mint people. Well... maui 2.1 is much more stable for my usecase than Mint at the moment... Keep up the good work!
(3rd February 2017, 18:08)benit Wrote: [ -> ]Ah I see. So you are taking a different approach than the Mint people. Well... maui 2.1 is much more stable for my usecase than Mint at the moment... Keep up the good work!

Just an aside... i came to Maui as my OS from Mint KDE, & it sounds like you also might have. As well as reading the Maui forum, i still continue to also read the Mint forum, even though nowadays both my PCs use Maui. In the Mint KDE forum, i remain a bit surprised that some people seem "happy" to continue living with its missing features & functions, & certain instability, rather than do what i did last year & look for a better alternative... which happily lead me to discover Maui. In various threads there, i do now & then point out that they should have a look at Maui...  ;-) 
Well, nothing is perfect. Wink
Mint KDE also does an excellent job being based on Kubuntu and for Maui it was quite a tough ride splitting from Netrunner, switching from Kubuntu to Neon in the process and adjusting the model from 6-month release cycles to LTS, including our own S3 repos to simulate the part-rolling approach of Manjaro.
I think its safe to say after 2 years (summer 2018 with the first LTS cycle run) how successfull Maui really is doing.
Well.. Yes, indeed I come from Mint and I highly appreciate the Mint approach and the work that was done. Nevertheless as a family father I am interested in a distribution that really is stable, nevertheless allows me to switch / upgrade if necessary (wanted) and contribute in an easy way so that my feedback reaches the makers and helps them to improve the distribution.

At the moment I am VERY happy that I switched to maui. At the moment I have one single bug to complain about in Kmail (reported in a forum thread already and confirmed by a member of the KDE mailing list).

So keep up the good work ... and make it even better ;-)