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Full Version: strange bluetooth problem after connecting devices the second time
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Hi all!

I am facing a strange problem with bluetooth, I can reproduce this both with bluetooth speakers and headphones:

When I have a youtube video playing and switch on the bluetooth device it gets connected and I can hear sound. Then I switch it off again and the sound is played back again via notebook built in speakers. When I switch the device on for the second time the youtube video stops and the device does not "take over" the sound channel. The video remains "frozen", even after a refresh of F5...

Only after switching off the bluetooth device and pressing "play" again the video continues.

Can anybody reproduce this? I am not aware of what I could do wrong, but any advice is highly welcome!

Thank you very much!
This is still valid vor maui 17.03 unfortunately!
I guess you tried this on the firefox browser only ?
Have you tried maybe other browsers ?