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Full Version: Change my laptop, I need re-install?
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I change my laptop, in my old laptop I have installed MauiĀ”, but in UEFI and with GPT partitions.

The "new" laptop not have UEFI.

I changed my hard disk, when I try to start, not start.

I ustart with SuperGrub, and I can start my Maui in this "new" laptop.

I try with sudo update-grub, but when restart, not start Maui.

I need reinstall maui in my "new" laptop?


You need to migrate the whole disk using the old laptop (mount the new disk into the old laptop). It's a very easy 2 step procedure:
1. first copy all data using rsync with the following command (if the whole disk, then omit the exclude part)

sudo rsync -a -v --exclude "excluded_folder_name_or_pattern" /media/<source_uuid>/ /media/<destination_uuid>

2. second step is to restore grub on the new disk using boot-repair for example. A good guide is available here:

More scenarios are available at this link (it is a guide for migrating to SSD disk, but it doesn't matter at all - the procedures for migrating data are the same):
Thanks for your help but....I can't....
Before read your post I try differents methods, and for error, I deleted my /home partition.

Now, yes or yes,I need made a fresh install.

Again, thanks!