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Full Version: [Solved]: Kinfocenter - 17.03 -->About System
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Hi all,

Just upgraded to 17.03 and it's looking good so far. Thank you to all involved in making it happen.

One minor quibble I've noticed so far is The "About System" option in Kinfocenter returns an error message. Calling it from the command prompt reveals it's looking for "kcm_about_extended" but fails to find it. Please see attachments.

Any help in rectifying appreciated!

Same problem for me.
Same problem
Here it works fine.
Make sure that the package kcm-about-extended is installed.
kcm-about-extended is not installed.

It depends from libkwinglutils9 but I have libkwinglutils10 installed......
Then you try installing the wrong version. Make sure maui-xenial-backports and maui-xenial-backports-neon repos are activated.
These repos are active (not the source code)
I think the correct backports are activated.
Then please take a look at the kcm-about-extended package. You need version 0+p9+git20170201.0509-0 which should come from maui-xenial-backports
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