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Full Version: compatible bluetooth or wireless mouse needed
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I am looking for a full size bluetooth mouse that is ergonomically ok and works well with Maui. If Bluetooth is not a good option I would also accept a "conventional" wireless mouse.

If anybody has solid good experience I would be very happy to read a hint. I come from Germany, so it should be possible to order it via Amazon Germany.

Thank you very much in advance!
Concerning features: I need a good middle scroll wheel, if there is solid 4-way I would appreciate it. Also one or two additional thumb buttons could help me, but all this can be only considered, if it works rock solid, otherwise I would prefer a more simple model with only a scrollwheel
... and the size should be like a desktop mouse, if possible. The latest models all seem to be relatively small with a length of about 10cm.
I would stick to the 2.4 Ghz ones that come with their own little dongle.
I have one of those which works fine.

The newer logitech ones have a scrollwheel that can be used as a middle click (third mouse button) aswell but it also has a left and right tilt functionality and when I try to use middle click I trigger the tilt functions to go back on websites and such more often than I liked. So thats why I stick with a simple mouse without that stuff.
The old Logitech G3 has a good design without that crap mentioned above. IT uses buttons on the site for backwards and forward navigation. Though that one is a wired mouse.