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Full Version: I can't suspend my laptop
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Always, in this laptop, I can't suspend.
Appears in menu, click in suspend and suspend, but when I start laptop start all, start the load of grub and all programs and files are closed, its like restart computer.

Suspend should suspend to ram. So it should not start loading from the beginning at all but start off from where you left off.
Seems like it really powers off the machine instead of going to standby.
Yes, its like power off the machine instead of going to stand by.
When power off this laptop, all leds power off, when click in suspend, one led of power, are It blinks, as if it were really suspended but when start its like power off, all are closed and start with loading from the beginning.
Its strange.
I "solved" this...
I can't suspend but I activate the hibernate option.
For this, I made this:
I create this file:
And add this:
[Re-enable hibernate by default in upower]

[Re-enable hibernate by default in logind]
Works fine, I can hibernate this laptop, but when reanude the laptop prompt password of the user, its possible edit for access direct without type password of the user?

You can disable the lock screen on resume in systemsettings lockscreen
Works fine, thank you leszek!