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Full Version: Auto spell / Kwrite - Kate
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(2nd June 2017, 16:01)Raydog Wrote: [ -> ]In the Menubar: Settings>Configure Kate>Editing>Spellcheck and tick the box Automatic spell checking by default

If you want to toggle Spellchecking on and off you can use the shortcut Control+Shift+O.

Hope this helps. Smile

 Doesn't work....  :-(
Strange, works here. I'm using DeJavu Sans Mono fonts in Kate and System Settings if that matters.
I have the same problem. I changed the font, then it worked for a while. Now it doesn't. The menu has it checked, saying it should be working.

I've toggled auto spell-check, changed the font, and re-started Kate several times. Nothing seems to work.

Auto spell-check should work in any font. Is anybody here as frustrated as I am?
In my case, it turned out to be a problem with the screen scaling. I have a high DPI screen and I've used 1.5 scaling factor for the screen. It messed up the underlining of the misspelt words.

I've reported it here:
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