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Full Version: VPN Connection - PIA (Private Internet Access)
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I wonder if anyone has tried to run the above VPN. I just cant get it to work.  I installed Windows 7 in a Virtual Machine and it worked fine.  I can get it to work with the OpenVPN plugin.  Just cant get it to work with the actual downloadable Program for Linux.


Not sure what you are trying. You installed a special application for VPN?
I installed the Client Software that PIA have made for Linux. It used to work up and until Netrunner 17 and then seem to stop after that and including Maui.

I would give you my password if you want to try and get it working on Maui for testing
You already asked PIA?
(20th April 2017, 9:39)leszek Wrote: [ -> ]You already asked PIA?

Yes I have. It was working until version 17.

They were not help at all to be honest.  So I thought i would see if you could try and install it and get it working on your install if I gave you my password
Google PIA Installer Ubuntu 16.04.  It gives simple step by step instructions.  I am running it right now.

I don't load it at boot as it makes a slow boot process even slower.  Xenial as a base sure does boot slow, no matter what you disable.  Really that is my only issue with Maui.
thanks I will give it a go
How did you install the client ???? I could not find the link. All the links to me were to install the Openvpn client not the actual download client from PIA. I mean the one that shows up as a Green square if it loads up properly
I think Private Internet Access is a good option but I have already been using the Nord vpn for android and my windows laptop. It is quite fast and has many features that make it worth trying. They don’t have cap on bandwidth as well as speed.
I think you should use premium VPN instead of free VPN services. Because i am also facing same problem while i am install free VPN service but one i switch to Microleaves it works fine for me.
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