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Full Version: Eternal font issue
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What is it with the font manager in Ubuntu derived distros? Apart from the fact that I was expecting that when I installed the OS and selected keyboard, country and language to get just western fonts I always get a million non-western fonts that will never be any use to me if I lived to be 150 years old. When trying to find a nice font in LibreOffice I have to scroll through a long list of these fonts which is annoying. And they are delete-proof. The font program in the settings screen just hangs and does nothing. After all this time this hasn't been sorted!
These are system fonts and the font tool usually is only there for previewing and installing new fonts locally (ok granted it has a system install option aswell but in general it is basically used as tool to install one font file and not a whole font family).
Those font families are usually packaged up in a deb package and handled by the packagemanager