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Full Version: Aspire 5730zg GF 9300m GS driver issue
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from some time, i cant tell how long, i got thiss graphic issue.
When i use Nouveau drivers i cant do normal boot. Boot freezes after few seconds.
I cant tell whats wrang because screen is blinking and i cant read messages.
I can only boot with nouveau when i choose restore mode and "resume to normal boot"

When i choose Nvidia drivers i can boot to desktop but the resolution is wrong an icant chcnge it because there is no option :/

I got Acer Aspire 5730ZG with Nvdia 9300M GS
I use 4.4.xx kernel normaly but now i use 4.12 and there is no difference.
I use Maui 17.06

Some one can help?
With the nvidia driver installed you have to use the nvidia settings tool to change the resolution if it doesn't work with the systemsettings tool.
I dont have this option in nvidia config. I know i should have it, but i dont have it.
That looks very strange with almost nothing to configure.
How about the screen configuration dialog in systemsettings?
I have resolution options in screen dialog option in syscenter, but i cant set proper reselution for my laptop.
When booting i can see that there is error while loadin xfermode or something like this. I dont know is that important but i can see only this before screen is blinking.
I put my laptop hardware config. Maybe it can help.
So what resolution are you missing from the systemsettings?
You can take a look at the concrete error messages at boot with the command
sudo journalctl -b