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Full Version: Maui + Maycroft!?
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hi there,

upon the release of the next digital assistent by one of the major internet-related companies i did a quick search and found a quite promising open-source alternative which already seems to work together with the kde community (plasmoid): mycroft (ai).
They already seem to have some partnerships with bigger companies (car industry) - so it does not like a project that will disappear because of lack of interest/contributions etc. (which is always one of the first things i look at as there are quite a lot one man shows out there)

So - besides me beeing  interested in tinkering around (stuff like a smart mirror, microphones around the house for smart home comes into mind) - this seems to be like an idea for improving maui: making mycroft  easily available for those who are looking for an easy way to try this out. I dont know if this is possible - but if package/plasmoid would be available for maui: that'll be great.

Blogpost about the plasmoid
I am also following this project as it seems promising though the plasmoid is not yet releas worthy I would say. So packaging it up for Maui will be only feasible if a first release is ready. The instructions on how to ibstall it on neon should work on Maui aswell btw. for the meantime