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Full Version: Thunderbird unread mail count in taskbar
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Somehow, I've managed to see a small badge mentioning the number of unread mails in Thunderbird on the icon of the Thunderbird in taskbar. I have no idea how and when that appeared, but I've lost it recently (no idea when). Does anyone know how to get that little badge notification onto the Thunderbird icon on the taskbar?
Could it be that you used this addon before?

It does not seem to be compatible with newer versions though.
Hi Leszek,

Nope, never used that. The badge looked very Plasmoidly, with a blue number neatly attached to the Thundebird icon at the bottom. The only thing I use for notifications is Gnotify and I don't think it does the trick..
Then I am not sure. Never saw that before.
OK I found the solution for this. Messaging Menu and Unity Launcher Integration add-on has to be enabled in Thunderbird and indicator support must be installed (packages libindicator3-7 and libindicator7). Then you get nice little badges with number of unread messages in taskbar, over the Thunderbird icon. Also works with Pidgin and package pidgin-indicator installed (not in repo but in nilarimogard ppa).
Ah good finding. Did not know that Smile