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Full Version: partitions not mounted after installation
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While booting up after a new install, I like to see what is happening during boot-up that's how I noticed my home partition failed to mount.
 After being dropped to a shell I began to look for the problem, which happened to be a mis-labeled filesystem.
  I opened /etc/fstab with nano, where I found my home partition along with others labeled "reiser" after changing that to "reiserfs". the resulting boot-up was successful.
 All other filesystems were labeled correctly such as "btrfs" "ext4" and even "swap"

  I thougth I would post this to give someone  a heads up and maybe avoid a headache I don't where to post a bug report maybe you guys could.

 I had never heard of Maui Linux but I was glad  to find and gladder yet to
realize it is the descendant of my once favorite: Netrunner.

Thanks for the hard work  and thank you for putting out a very fine Linux distribution.
Joe in Modesto, CA
(Sorry for the slow typing)
Thanks for reporting. We will take a look at it. Might be a bug in the installer that is either fixed in a newer version or needs fixing (the amount of reiserfs users is very small nowadays)