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Full Version: HP Deskjet 2622
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Hi.  Using Maui 64-bit, fully updated.  I purchased an HP Deskjet 2622 at WalMart at Black Friday sale.  Yes, I'm insane <grin>.

I have the printer set up, but the hplip database doesn't support this model.  I notice that Maui has an older hplip library.  Checking HP's website, I see newer versions of hplip support this printer.

I read that you can download a .run file from their website.  I clicked on the link, but it will only download a .bin file.  Arrgghhh!!!!

Anyone have any idea how I can either a) update hplip (updating from synaptic only brings you to the older version), or, alternately, b) finding a .ppd file for this printer?