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Full Version: [Solved] Plasmashell 5.11.3 uses a lot of resources out of the blue
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After the upgrade of Plasma a few days ago, time to time my laptop's fan goes crazy. When I check what's on it seems that Plasmashell is using 1/4 of the computing power (one core) and almost as much RAM as Chromium web browser (~220-250 MB).
I do the `killall plasmashell` and restart plasmashell and it goes back to normal. I've switched off Baloo and KWallet, but I'm running Akonadi (fancy calendar integration) and KRunner. I donno what Plasma is doing... but when I let it run it seems to never stop and drains the battery. 
Can you try disabling the calendar integration in krunner. Click on the configure icon of krunner to configure it and disable all calendar stuff in there.

Also try out a new clean user to see if it isn't a configuration issue.
(1st December 2017, 14:06)leszek Wrote: [ -> ]Can you try disabling the calendar integration in krunner. 
You mean PIM Contact Search? This is the only calendar-ish thing I found in KRunner.
Yeah exactly.
(2nd December 2017, 20:15)leszek Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah exactly.

 Seems it worked. Thanks!