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Full Version: How Do I Change My Video Driver?
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I have a Radeon 7770. For a while, everything had been working fine. Then I installed a bunch of updates. Now I have really poor performance in a Win7 virtualbox console. I think it's graphics related. Everything performs really well if I RDP into the box instead of using the console.
And Mesa was among the updates. There's no option for changing video drivers in the Hardware Drivers section of System Settings.

Have you configured in virtualbox to use 3D acceleration? As far as I know this is still an experimental feature. So try turning it off or on to see if it changes anything.
Problem persists whether any sort of acceleration is enabled or not. Vbox tools are installed. I hadn't made any changes to virtualbox or my VMs when the problem began.
Is the graphics acceleration in general working for you. So for example is glxgears running smoothly?
I hopy you have the opensource driver and not some kind of proprietary driver installed.
glxgears works fine and I haven't had any other graphics related issues. And I'm 90% certain that whatever graphics driver I have in use now has been in use since before the problem began.
But I would like to try something different to troubleshoot. Maybe roll back to an earlier version if it was updated recently. What is the recommended driver and how can I change to that if that's not what's in use?
You probably are using the recommended driver already.
The only thing I can recommend is recompiling the virtualbox module and reinstalling the vbox guest additions on the virtualized windows machine.