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Full Version: Wake on with mouse from suspend
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If I remember well, the first versions of Maui, when my desktop are sleep (suspend) (not shutdown) I wake up my computer with keyboard and with mouse.
I since versions ago, I view that, only can wake up with keyboard but not with mouse (well for me), when I can change this?
It depends if your mouse is in sleep mode or not. If it's a lase mouse just check if the laser is active on standby.
I doubt that it is as USB devices usually are send to sleep
Yes, its a laser mouse.
But its wireless mouse with usb (not cable).
It could be that this is a default that got changed in the kernel by default or its is a power saving feature (as of course listening to usb devices eats up more power than don't listening to them)

I found this thread that might help you:
Thanks leszek, I review your link Smile