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Full Version: Virtual keyboard just before login after reboot
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Not sure if this was a bug or what.  So I thought I'd post here.

As the title indicates, what I see just before the login screen is the virtual keyboard.  In British English, no less, even though I use no other keyboard setup besides US English.

Maui recovers gracefully when I hit the button for the real keyboard.  It's a minor annoyance.

KDE Plasma 5.12.3
KDE Apps 17.12.2
Frameworks 5.43
QT version 5.10
Yes it's a bug of some sorts. Others reported that aswell. Though it only seems to happen in certain scenarios.
(3rd April 2018, 10:01)leszek Wrote: [ -> ]Yes it's a bug of some sorts. Others reported that aswell. Though it only seems to happen in certain scenarios.

i got that to - but after wondering some seconds i just typed in my login password, hit enter and it worked - so i dont bothered any further.

If we can help with need some information to find that (small) bug - just say so. If not - nevermind Wink
I checked these forums a few months ago to see if anyone had the same issue... I didn't find anything. Now I randomly hop on the forum to see if there's any release schedule about an upcoming Maui release now that Ubuntu 18.04 is around the corner, and see this. Tongue

Anyway, I get this same issue too. I have it on my laptop, my desktop, and the family computer. Previously, typing my password on the physical keyboard wouldn't work, I'd have to use the virtual onscreen keyboard. However, it seems typing on the physical keyboard may work now, but I haven't tested it much.

I haven't tested it much, because there's a little keyboard looking button on the bottom right hand corner of the screen that you can press to make the virtual keyboard go away so you can type in your password as normal.

This isn't remotely persistent as the next time you try to login, the issue will be back and you'll need to click on that button again, but it is nice to be able to get the virtual keyboard out of the way at least.
This was taken from another site I'm a part of.  This worked for me at preventing that virtual keyboard.

In /etc/sddm.conf you can add, under [General], the part indicated by the "--> " before it.  Of course do not have that on the newly added line.  Couldn't figure out how to highlight that piece within the "CODE" bubble.


--> InputMethod=


Ah nice. Thanks for this followup.
Yeah, that did it for me. Good find.

My /etc/sddm.conf didn't have a [General] section, so I added your example in its entirety.

If you don't mind my asking, what other site is this with this sacred SDDM knowledge?