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No audio, SB card [solved] - kensolar - 27th August 2016

Hi, just installed Maui and I love it. I have a dual xeon workstation,(hp Z800) it fluttered at first when I scrolled, then I installed the intel microcode patch and she runs great. Except for the audio card. I have a creative labs SB1040 and my pulse mixer output devices section calls it a 'dummy output' and it's grayed out in the phonon audio device selector section. So what am I missing? I seem to have all the gstreamer files, something in a hardware file? I had/have no problems in OpenSuSe or Centos with the card.

RE: No audio, SB card - kensolar - 27th August 2016

Solved. When I first saw the problem I downloaded a gstreamer pulse file and gstreamer tools. It did nothing at that point, but now I've rebooted and it all works now. I forgot that some of these audio and video files/packages need a reboot before kicking in. Hope someone gets helped from this at least.