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need a amd64 specific version - LazX0rUz - 19th March 2017

I'm coming from KDE Neon 5.8.6, and with the amd64.iso the install runs smooth and fast and doesn't lag at bootup or shutdown. Maui, although the Install went fine, it boots way too slow finding and fixing errors in my quad core AMD CPU:ID, and shut down is the same, very slow and lags.

I feel this is due to the install not being specific to the AMD x64 Chip that KDE Neon offers and does well.

I may be talking out of my ass, but my AMD FX990 Chipset will not even boot a liveCD on the new Manjaro, and Arch based distros.

Thanks for hearing out a n00b.


RE: need a amd64 specific version - leszek - 19th March 2017

We only provide an amd64 version. I think you confuse what amd64 actually means.
Take a look at here:

In regards to slow boot. Can you run sudo systemd-analyze blame to see which service is to blame here. As Maui is based on Neon it should not behave vastly differently here.