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"Loop devices" in Dolphin - jairlebentz - 30th April 2017

I am having this weird behavior since a couple of days.
When I open dolphin, I noticed some strange devices "Loop Devices" down of my normal hard drives.

[Image: vpA46Yt.png]

I didn't know what those "loop devices could" be, but I have found that those are some snaps that I have installed using "snapd"

[Image: 1iV0m0H.jpg]

At the begin there were only 3 of this devices but now I can count 7 and it is really annoying to see this list.

I don't even understand why those devices are there, I have Chakra in another partition, I have installed some snaps there too but I don't get this list of "loop Devices" there in Chakra.

Why this list exist in Maui? How can I just make it disappear?

Thanks a lot

RE: "Loop devices" in Dolphin - leszek - 30th April 2017

It is the basics of Snaps. They mount squashfs filesystems to the system and dolphin by default shows mounted devices.

RE: "Loop devices" in Dolphin - jairlebentz - 16th May 2017

I see! thanks for the explanation.
Are there a solution for that? I mean if snap and flatpaks are the future, should we have 20 loop devices on Dolphin if we install 20 snaps?
Thanks again