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Maui Applications - Rivers - 5th May 2017


I've been running Maui for a week now, and it has been quite an enjoyable experience so far. Most of the software I needed comes preinstalled (Krita, GIMP), so that's why it was very easy for me to just jump right in.

I did encounter a problem as the installer doesn't mark the partition as active, so I've just reinstalled it in UEFI (or the alternative was a BIOS update) and that solved it.

First thing I though did was to uninstall Skype, while I've then installed Chromium, Blender (I'm curious as to why this isn't a default, as it is a great complementary software to Krita, GIMP and Kdenlive) and Darkroom (a better app for working with RAW images).

The defaults are pretty much ok, but I'm curious as to why Audacious is delivered, and not Clementine (still, this is not a problem).

All in all, Maui has quickly become my favourite distro, as for me (Graphics & 3D) it was a quick install and I could jump straight to work.

Great job, everyone!

All the best,

RE: Maui Applications - leszek - 5th May 2017

Thanks for your feedback.

As for preinstalled apps thats always a very subjective topic as everyone preferes a different application.
As why blender isn't preinstalled. It would simply bump the ISO filesize very drastically. And basically 3D editing isn't as mainstream to our target audience I guess.