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Eternal font issue - Australis777 - 19th July 2017

What is it with the font manager in Ubuntu derived distros? Apart from the fact that I was expecting that when I installed the OS and selected keyboard, country and language to get just western fonts I always get a million non-western fonts that will never be any use to me if I lived to be 150 years old. When trying to find a nice font in LibreOffice I have to scroll through a long list of these fonts which is annoying. And they are delete-proof. The font program in the settings screen just hangs and does nothing. After all this time this hasn't been sorted!

RE: Eternal font issue - leszek - 20th July 2017

These are system fonts and the font tool usually is only there for previewing and installing new fonts locally (ok granted it has a system install option aswell but in general it is basically used as tool to install one font file and not a whole font family).
Those font families are usually packaged up in a deb package and handled by the packagemanager