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Pagers with full desktop preview - kaktux - 12th October 2017

I always liked the unique way enlightenment e16 handled the pages back then.
Designwise there is a lot of inspiration that you can take from that. But lets not talk about everything else regarding thad desktop environment Wink

Basically i mean the features:
- Pulling application windows from one virtual desktop to the other -> already possible - but not as fluent
- see A live preview of the apps in pager

Similar topic is already discussed in this link,
This video might also be helpful to get what i mean.

Is it possible with kde (neon)?? If so - this would be my suggestion.

RE: Pagers with full desktop preview - leszek - 12th October 2017

It is not possible with the default pager. I don't know any other pager integration for Plasma which supports this currently.