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CREATING MAUI FROM KDE NEON - rocky7x - 21st November 2017


I went through all GitHub repos Maui admins use to get Maui from Neon and got the list of what needs to be done. most of the stuff is related to:
1. Visual changes, either adapting Plasma shell or panel or backgrounds or changing Ubuntu/Neon to Maui (naming convention change) or icons on desktop or SDDM theming etc. - we don't need these
2. Calamares changes - these are OS installer changes - not needed either
3. GRUB changes - these are changes to the boot - not needed either
4. apt changes - changes to sources files and some apt preferences - most not needed, just apt preferences can be usable, thus attached to this post - files are from /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ -> 10periodic and 99-no-pipelining (remove the txt extension)
5. fontconfig stuff - this is there only for faster startup of Skype - not needed
6. Finally PACKAGES added to Neon to get Maui are attached to this post as well - some are mandatory (at the top) and some are optional (below mandatory). Of course, all those packages pull in their dependencies, so the final list is much bigger.

If I have forgotten something I would be very grateful, Leszek and co., if you could add the missing pieces Wink Smile