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Checking three "Netrunner" - smoreau - 6th December 2017

I wanted to compare Maui, Netrunner (17.10), and Netrunner Rolling on a Lenovo laptop.

In all case the installation proccess was fine.
Maui boot : 50s
Netrunner boot :50s
Netrunner Rolling : 1min 15 s

Maui as usual, all is OK, wifi, bluetooth, webcam, touchpad, printers, scanner, and main applications :
Firefox, Thunderbird, Libreoffice, Digikam, Rawtherapee, Audacity, Kdenlive.

Netrunner (17.10), Firefox 52 only, all hardware detected and functionnal, but unable to install Digikam
Netrunner Rolling, all hardware were detected but unable to print any document. The usual printer HP-1200 is detected, the driver installed, but at all attempts : printer not responding whatever the driver. That reminds me the behaviour I observed with a rpm base distribution like Mageia. That is why I moved some years ago to Netrunner and then Maui.
My main applications were OK.


RE: Checking three "Netrunner" - smoreau - 7th December 2017

Manjaro, Antergos are also unable to setup my printer with the same message : printer not responding;
Thus this not link to Netrunner Rolling, but to some configuration file with bad permissions ? but which one ?

RE: Checking three "Netrunner" - leszek - 7th December 2017

You could ask in the Netrunner Rolling or Manjaro forums. Especially as it seems specific to Manjaro.