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Acer Aspire reinstall - Bergoglio - 2nd May 2018

Good morning,

from yesterday I started to have a boring problem on a laptop Acer Aspire ES 15.
Some time ago I installed Maui in dual boot with Windows 10 but, because I'm quite noob, Windows was in UEFI secure boot while Maui in Legacy and every time I choose from bios between Legacy and Uefi.
Yesterday, after a Maui upgrade, Maui stopped to start, so I tried Boot Repair from Live : I read on the Ubuntu forums about the possibility that after Boot Repair also Maui can start in UEFI.
I made all the proceeds in Boot Repair (also the purge of all old kernels and reinstall the last kernel), everything work good (Boot Repair found Maui on sda5, I put Grub on sda1 where there is EFI), I set in the bios shimx64.efi like trusted, but when I start the laptop it open Grub menu where there are only :

- Windows UEFI bootmgfw.efi
- Windows Boot UEFI loader
- EFI/ubuntu/mmx64.efi
- EFI/OEM/Boot/bootmgfw.efi
- Windows Boot Manager (on /dev/sda1)
- System setup

No trace of Maui (and, obviusly, no possibility to start it) !

Now I don't know what to do.
There is a possibility to recovery Maui ?
I'm thinking about to reinstall Maui in UEFI, but in this solution what must I do to make a good work ? The hard disk of this laptop is parted in this way :

- sda1 UEFI fat32
- sda2 empty (no file system)
- sda3 Windows 10 ntfs
- sda5 Maui ext4
- sda6 Acer image of Windows for recovery

and I want, if necessary, to reinstall Maui on sda5.

Thanks in advance for the help !

RE: Acer Aspire reinstall - leszek - 2nd May 2018

If Maui is still installed you can boot a live system chroot into the installed Maui system and update grub so it recognizes your installation.

RE: Acer Aspire reinstall - Bergoglio - 2nd May 2018

Ok, thanks.

Can You explane me what I must do ? I'm noob Big Grin

RE: Acer Aspire reinstall - leszek - 2nd May 2018

If you boot your live system identify and mount your installed maui system.
See if the system is intact.

Open up a terminal in the mounted maui system directory and execute
sudo mount -o bind /dev dev
That will give the chroot system access to your hardware.

Then execute the chroot command itself
sudo chroot .
(notice the . is the indicator for the current directory [so your mounted installed maui system])

In the chroot now execute
mount -t proc proc proc
mount -t sysfs sys sys
This should update grub and most probably also show you that it detected Maui and other systems hopefully.

After that unmount proc and sys in the chroot
umount /proc /sys

and exit the chroot with exit command or by pressing ctrl+d.

RE: Acer Aspire reinstall - Bergoglio - 2nd May 2018

Maui is intact but Grub continues to don't see Maui.

Can be a problem if Maui was installed in legacy ?

I'm thinking that the only solution is to reinstall Maui....

RE: Acer Aspire reinstall - leszek - 2nd May 2018

ah yes when you installed in legacy that is an issue.
Reinstalling might be the easier solution then as otherwise you need to change a lot of configs. Nothing really for a noob as it can get frustrating.

RE: Acer Aspire reinstall - Bergoglio - 2nd May 2018

Thanks Leszek.

Last question : can You explane me how to install new Maui in UEFI on the partition sda5 (where there is Maui legacy now) ? I'm afraid that I can destroy Windows..... Angel

Thank You very much !!!!

RE: Acer Aspire reinstall - leszek - 2nd May 2018

Of course you could destroy windows. Thats the reason before you do anything tha potentially could harm your working system you make a backup.

As for the installation itself boot in uefi mode and install on that partition should do.

RE: Acer Aspire reinstall - Bergoglio - 2nd May 2018

Ok, I reinstalled Maui 17.06 on sda5 in UEFI mode.

But it continue to don't start Angry !

First problem : what EFI file must I set trusted ? I mean : in the bios inside sda1/EFI/ I can find Ubuntu and Maui > where must I go ? And what efi file must I choose ?

RE: Acer Aspire reinstall - Bergoglio - 3rd May 2018

At least I found the solution and all works good.

These are the steps that I made :

1) in the Bios set to UEFI mode and Secure Boot disabled
2) start the Maui live from USB pendrive
3) use KPartion Manager to delete sda5 (partition where there was Maui)
4) reinstalled Maui into the empty space
5) in the Bios set Secure Boot enabled
6) restart then in the Bios set the trusted file for booting sda1/EFI/Maui/grubx64.efi
7) restart then in the Bios set grubx64 on the top of boot device order

And that's all !