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Full Version: German Forum?
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Will there be a Forum in German?

For the love of God, please don't split this tiny community even further by creating a German forum!

Germans are educated people, and understand English reasonably well - see Germans who care about Linux are even more likely to know English. Furthermore, German Linux users who joined this forum are Internet savvy, and very most likely speak English well.

By using English, new users will find more answers to their questions, since most of the world speaks English nowadays, but by comparison, German is less popular.

Don't get me wrong - I have the deepest respect for the German language and culture. I'm just thinking that to make Maui Linux more popular and easier to use, it will help to use the more popular language.

Also, by asking in English, there are more users who can potentially answer your questions.

I'm not a native English speaker (I speak Romanian). It doesn't matter if our English isn't perfect - what's important is to communicate information, and most terms are software-related English terms anyway.
Maui seems to be a German project, also with German sponsor. So why not a German area?

By the way, where is the impressum?