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Full Version: microphone wont work in skype
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Hi All,

First I'd like to say that I really enjoy maui linux, it is great. However, I can't get my mic to work in skype. I go to the pulseaudio settings and make sure it is the default, it is plugged into the mic port, if I tap on the mic I can see the line move, but it will not work in skype. Any ideas.

There are many possible reasons. First check if the mike is enabled. You can do it using sond managing tool or 'alsamixer' command:

A generic peace of advise:

From what I understand the Maui 1 basic guts are based on Ubuntu (kernel, basic drivers, most of the system files etc.), so many Ubuntu fixes do apply here too.
Every advice I find on this seems to differ. Some look positively dangerous. All are followed by adverse responses.
My webcam mike works, according to the Pulse Audio control, even while Skype is running, but Skype is obviously not listening to it. I have unchecked the "let Skype fiddle with my mixer" box, installed Alsamixer, and un-muted the mic inputs, but it makes no difference. As far as I can see Alsamixer (from the command line, the gui is useless) has no input that it identifies as belonging to the webcam.
Mic works fine in Skype for Linux Beta. But no video when calling Windows Skype as yet. But it does suggest nothing is basically wrong with the sound setup, just where Skype expects to find it.
Now in 17.03, mic not working in either version. But my old Netrunner 14 version is still good. Must be the hardware is not fully known to the newer versions or OSes.