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Full Version: Fresh installation, I need wait some hours for update system and solved some issues
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Ahhh, jeje, ok, thanks, for this reason my system update to 5.8.1 and others users that are install a few days ago, her system update to 5.8.0 and now no update to 5.8.1.

Thanks for clarification Smile

PS: I in Maui since some days I made changes in my config, I made tests....and really, is good not, much more of good. I'm happy happy with Maui Smile
(15th October 2016, 10:54)kdemeoz Wrote: [ -> ]<<snip>>

Oh, btw, maybe i misunderstood something you said recently in another thread; are we still going to receive 5.8.1 in ~week's time, or are we skipping that & waiting for 5.8.2 instead?

ForĀ leszek.
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