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Full Version: [solved] Korganizer does not notice any deleted dates
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Korganizer works overall quite well and synchronized with Google almost perfectly. 

However, the synchronisiation does not work when I have deleted a term on another device. The date remains in Korganizer. Huh

Even after logging out and logging in, the deleted date still exists.
I think this is intended. At least I have the same behavior on my smartphone by default.
Maybe you can configure that from the Google site of things.
I don't think so, the deleted date appears only in korganizer, neither in the original Google Calendar nor on my smartphone. I can not imagine that this is wanted.
Did you try manually syncing in korganizer after you removed the entry upstream?
Also maybe there is some setting in korganizer which is responsible for this behavior.
Yes, I try it manually and no I can't find any setting for this. Sad
Now it is broken, no sync.....I has to use thunderbird ;-(
Maybe this is something for the kde forums or even bug tracker.
I personally have owncloud/nextcloud using with korganizer (though still kde4libs based version most of the time) and that works just fine with syncing.

I can only assume that korganizer maybe does not directly use the Google Calendar but just downloads its items to its personal calendar. Does it look like this to you ? Do you see your Google Calendar in the bottom left and use it ?
I get all the calendars displayed. New dates that I create in korganizer are synchronized with Google and also displayed on the smartphone - now again.....

But there are still the deleted dates... 
Log into your google account via a web browser and check the settings.
By default google doesn't allow you to actually delete anything via an outside application, it will still retain the information.
You will need to change this behaviour yourself, I just don't remember what the setting is.
The Google settings are right, because it works with the calendar of the Evolution Suite under openSUSE Gnome and the Lightning Calendar of Thunderbird under Maui2.
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