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Full Version: This is a quiet forum - doesn't anything ever break around here
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This is a quiet forum - doesn't anything ever break around here?

Seriously though, it is a quiet forum, I'm surprised at how few people I see around here. But I have to give credit to the developers, things do seem to run smoothly. I had a lot of questions before I installed Maui, but I am glad I did. Its been working quiet well for me over the last couple weeks since I did the install. I also want to give a big thank you to that leszek guy. He really stepped up to answer all my questions.

Nice work with Maui. I am liking it.
It is very quiet, isn't it? [that is, apart from my myriad posts ;-) ].

I'm also pleased to have discovered Maui, last year. It's a nice distro for me.
I came from SolydK which is also a very stable and reliable distro. But I think they have a little more chat on the forums. Which is nice sometimes. But I think Maui will continue to grow. I am enjoying the more up to date software.
Maui does what I ask it to do.  Works fine for me.  Transitioned from Netrunner.

Still learning more about Linux, 'tho.
Very good observation !!
Oh yes...MAUI is a pioneer distro for users, not for involuntary testers !!
Many thanks to the MAUI team....!!
Not much fiddling need with Maui.... especially after I changed my old nVidia video card.

Eventually I settled on that feeling that it is OK that stuff isn't breaking periodically  Wink
Boring...Yes,  but now much more productive with other stuff.
My wife uses Maui, and I use it as a backup to Neon. All we can report is the same as everyone else:

Maui. Just. Works.

We moved to Linux about 8 years ago, as strictly users living in a MS Windows world, and Maui may well be the most reliable distribution we've ever installed.
I came to Maui 1 from Mint 17.3 KDE4 last year. Despite some very rocky [pun partly intended, but only a limited number of readers might get it] patches over the intervening months, Maui for a while now has also for me settled into that "comfortably boring" phase that several others have already mentioned [& to clarify, i'm saying that's a good thing, not a bad thing :-) ]. It continues to impress me with its overall solidity & design concept. One aspect i give specific kudos to is the System Settings design. Overall i feel this is laid out in a logical & well-considered style, which reflects a measure of design thoughtfulness by the Devs. If anyone can't understand my meaning, just have a look at other Plasma5-based distros, like Mint or openSUSE, & use "Audio" as an example. In Maui we have a dedicated obvious top-level icon for that, whereas in the "standard P5" Settings GUI of Mint & openSUSE there is none, & so it's not immediately obvious to a casual user where she should go to find those settings [turns out it's in "Multimedia", which might make sense once you know, but is not obvious before you know].

One thing though that i would respectfully recommend to the Maui Devs is to consider implementing something similar to the openSUSE "YaST" GUI tool... it's frankly fantastic.

Part of this thread's title was "This is a quiet forum", & compared to two others that i also routinely use [Mint & Vivaldi (browser)], it really is quiet here. Now i'm alluding not merely to topics raised on specific user problems with Maui, but on more broad topics not even necessarily narrowly specific to Maui per se. Again, for anyone not understanding me, just visit & peruse both those other fora to see the rich diversity of subjects actively canvassed. Of course, there is nothing the Maui Devs & Mods can do about that; it's entirely down to the willingness of the Maui user-base to participate... or not.
Ah yes, YAST. I have long wanted something like YAST or the Mandrake control center found in Mandriva,Magiea, and PCLinuxOS. But unfortunately they are not Debian based and the control centers can't be ported over.