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Full Version: Issue with downloading and uploading in Firefox
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(First-time poster.) My issue: both downloading and uploading files in Firefox require a weird combination of clicks that I haven't worked out yet. (One slow followed by three fast clicks?) So every time I need to upload or download a file, I have to go through this process of trial and error and do upwards of 20 clicks.

This issue is exacerbating my RSI, which was previously very well-managed for over seven years.

I should add that when I first installed Maui, downloading any files at all was impossible in Firefox at first, but then I worked out I needed to disable popups.

This requirement to do a strange combination of clicks is consistent across gmail, Dropbox, Eventbrite, etc. So it's not about the site, it's something to do with how Firefox works in Maui.

A similar issue seems to have been mentioned in a previous thread and not really resolved:
You probably missed out the versions of firefox mozilla-helper and Maui.
OS version: Maui 17.03 "Cuba Libre"
Firefox: 53.0 (64-bit)
Can you give any example link of a file that does not download on first click?
Like said in the other thread I cannot reproduce the issue.