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Full Version: SMPlayer not image, only sound
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In my fresh installation of Maui 17.06 I view that, not have a VLC but contain SMPlayer.

I never was used SMPlayer, and I think in test (if the Maui team think in SMPlayer, its for some reasson Smile)

But I view that, all of my files, with SMPlayer, not have image, only sound.

With others players, not have this problem.

SMPlayer needs pluggins?

That is strange. Can you check the video output of smplayer and change it maybe to xv to see if it works.
Yes, its very strange...

I open SMPlayer, go to preferences-general-video

In this, I change output driver (or video output) for xv (and others) and continue with the issue, only sound...

Its strange...
Restart the player after the change maybe.
Yes, I restart the player, and now, for other reassons, I restart computer, continue, only sound, not image...
Very strange then. At least one of the video outputs should work
I try woth all options of the video output...with any works, with all, only sound, no image...
[Image: smplayer.png]
For made more tests, I go to smplayer website, I add her PPA for update SMPlayer, I update SMPlayer, any change, my problem continue.

I go to, ./home/myuser/.config/ and deleted SMPlayer folder.

I start SMPlayer works!!! Image and sound!!!

For more tests, before delete config/smplayer, I was made a backup, I restore this backup and again, the same problem, only sound, no image.

Again, deleted this folder, start SMPlayer (generate a folder) and works fine.

The problem is in some file of .config folder of SMPlayer.

So it is configuration issue.
Yes, its configuration issue.
But I don't change any value since I install MAui 17.06, since first day, I have this problem.

Now I have 2 folders, folder by default, and new folder are createad when deleted her folder and open SMPlayer.
I go to search for the differences...