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Full Version: Thunderbird 45.8
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Hi guys,

Would it be possible to provide a downgrade to Thunderbird 45.8 in plasmazilla PPA? I ask because Thunderbird 52 already uses GTK3 and some of the extensions do not have correct layout or rendering with it, even though they are compatible with TB 52 (TB Conversations for example). In 45.8 all worked fine. In Netrunner you are still at 45.8, but in Maui you are already at 52 and I cannot find a Plasmazilla version 45.8 for Maui nowehere. Would it maybe be possible to install the one from Netrunner?

Thanks a lot.
I don't think you can install the netrunner version directly. Though you might try it. Just be prepared that it might not work and you need to remove the current installed version because it might cause package conflicts. If you don't like messing with this then don't do it and try to fix the theming issues by changing the theme or reporting the theming issues as bugs for the extensions so they can fix those issues.