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Full Version: next release?
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I would love ISO.
Nevertheless MAUI is a very strong distro....perhaps the best !!!
And I say it as a simple user - not a romantic one and not an obsessive one with brands and reputations...
I have tried almost all the KDE Plasma distros.....
To my machine and to my expectations MAUI was the best !!!
Dear Leszek , I knew it...I had the feeling that the team was turning to a matter of priority ! It was rather obvious to me...and I hope I am wrong but...I am sure that your team has made a wrong decision !!!!
If I want Debian I can try simply....the real one ...and I have already tried Debian 9 and Netrunner and other so many Debian based distros !
I have also tried Mint , Mageia , etc... and I have already replaced MAUI with Manjaro (Plasma).
Because of your decisions to stop it !
But MAUI had something was better not only strategically but at critical operational points too !!!!!!
And you had to know it too !!!
I don't have time to learn a lot about Linux but....some day in the past I was an assembly maniac....CPU Motorola 68000...and movem.l do-d7/(A0) oh yes , with one machine code instruction you could transfer the contents of all the Data registers to any RAM address...nice days....I wrote a lot of code...a lot....
Dear leszek , thank you very much for your help any time I need it. You was always here !!!!
I shall wait the next MAUI !!
Best regards...
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