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Full Version: Chromium with WebRTC?
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I view that, I have problems for connect with a website that have a room chat (
After some tests I view that, with chromium I can't connect with a live room chat, but with Chrome, I can connect perfect!

The technical support indicate this to me;

I noticed that 2 different builds are available here: Download latest stable Chromium binaries (64-bit and 32-bit) . One which includes WebRTC and one which does not. Though, it also looks like the version numbers are identical. Is there any chance you installed a build of Chromium which does not include WebRTC?

Its possible that, we Chromium of Maui not have WebRTC?

If its yes, how I can install in Chromium for not use Chrome?

You can check it for yourself by visiting a page like

Usually WebRTC should be supported.
In the first time, my apologies for delay in replying, these days have been holidays in my country.

Well, understand el link but not ver well.
I don't view it WebRTC is supported by my Chromium (installed by synaptic).

But with Chrome, I c an works fine with WebRTC.

Before post here this problem/issue I was posted in that are in the site that I use Chromim.
And then, the sat people confirm that, with her computer with ubuntu and Chromium works fine (live room chat), I can only works with Chrome, but not with Chromium.

As we use the same chromium package as Ubuntu does it should support WebRTC.
Yes, for some reasson, with we chromium (use the same chromium package as Ubuntu) does it should support WebRTC, but not, not work, only work Chrome...

Its possible add WebRTC?

Can you turn it on or check if it is turned on in chrome://flags
Oh, thanks, try and then posted if works.