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Full Version: Firefox cannot connect to server
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Hi, I just downloaded and installed the latest Maui 2 days ago. Everything seems fine except nothing (Firefox, Synaptic etc.)can connect to the internet, Firefox gives the "cannot connect to the server" message. The PC is on a LAN and I have Maui copying files across from the other PC on the network. The other PC is running Mint and Firefox works fine on that.

I use a Cisco router which seems to be blocking Maui getting out ? I have set Firefox to "No Proxy" and the other settings the same as my Mint PC, but at present I am stumped.

Any suggestions ? . . . .Brian
Are you sure that the other computer has no system-wide proxy set up? Like e.g. this:
Also check if you are maybe able to ping ips directly like
If yes then only the dns resolver seems to be broken or not set correctly.
Maybe you can set your dns manually in the network-manager and see if that makes it work again.
Thanks for your help, I have set Firefox in all the computers (3) on my LAN to NO PROXY, still no go. My next move is to install another Browser, maybe Slimjet, on the Maui PC and try that.

Fortunately I am not under any serious time pressure to fix the problem.

Cheers . . . .Brian
In this case, if you have set FF in 3 computers on your Lan and not works, the problem is in the Lan.
Other browser I think you have the same problem...
You can connect direct to the modem / router?
Thanks Leszek, I have now tried pinging from the terminal and it responds OK. Tomorrow I will try to set the DNS manually, or install a different Browser

Cheers. . . . Brian
I have a similar problem, Internet worked with Live CD but not after installation. ( All programs including Firefox)
Other computers on network have access to internet and Maui computer can access the Lan including router via wifi with no problems.
Also please check that the correct DNS server is set in the network manager settings.
(13th November 2017, 16:54)leszek Wrote: [ -> ]Also please check that the correct DNS server is set in the network manager settings.

I have manually set the wireless connection  with an IP and gateway and the DNS used by the router (  .
I can PING from other computers and from router (DHCP server) . Using remote desktop to ( I get internet from the MAUI computer (  But I cannot get internet directly on MAUI computer.
There is no firewall on router.
I have rebooted but no success ( the manually set IP addresses were still maintained after reboot).
The MAUI computer is connected by wireless to an access point which is connected by wire to  the router.
Please take a look at /etc/resolv.conf and see if it has the correct nameserver (= DNS) set.
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