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Full Version: How to get Maui from Neon
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Hi guys,

Since you have already hinted that Maui is going to be discontinued, I would like to ask a favor. Maui had been the best Plasma experience ever, better than Neon since it is a complete system with applications a much easier to maintain than Netrunner Debian (I have Netrunner at work and it hasn't been such a smooth ride as Maui). I'm really surprised that you are scraping the best Plasma OS that is available, the only one that has been completely problem free for me since the beginning.

Now regarding the favor: would it be possible to write down the list of changes and modifications you do to Neon in order to get Maui? I don't care about visual changes, what interests me are the additional apps and packages you install to it and configuration changes you make to the system. It would be really great if this could be documented and not lost since, at least I would use it in order to get Neon properly configured workout having to find it all myself.

Thank you very much for all your hard work.
The github repos with our modifications can be found here: like for example the maui-desktop package which is a metapackage installing all the default applications.
You can also find a list of packages-added and removed in the build-scripts repo.
Our settings repo can be found here:
Thanks a lot leszek, I'll clone the git repository and thus have all I need.