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Full Version: record sound from soundcard?
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hi everyone,

ex-Ubuntu here - love Maui: well-done!

just totally puzzled over the sound settings: in Ubuntu I used AudioRecorder or Audacity to record directly from my PC's soundcard. Both worked out-of-the-box. I can't get either work in Maui...

it's a fresh install - latest Maui KDE - and I haven't touched the audio settings. What happens with both the above programs is: when I hit "record" it automatically records via the PC's microphone...

how can i get (say Audiorecorder, Audacity is perhaps a bit more fussy) it record from the soundcard? Say I'd like to record the news as I listen to it in streaming, for instance.

thanks for your help!
go to multimedia control volume pulseaudio tab recording and selections that source is recorded
thanks JRamrez...except that I can't understand what you're saying: "go to multimedia, etc" > where? in Maui>Settings? or in Audacity, etc? could you please give me a x>y>z sequence? thanks again.
application menu - multimedia section - control volume pulseaudio
can't replicate that, sorry. there's no "multimedia section" in my app menu. In System Settings I can see Hardware>Audio or Multimedia, but there seems to be nothing there of help.

all i can do is "right-click on sound icon (on desktop/taskbar) > PulseAudio control > Recording. Now, if this is the only solution, it's a rather messy one, i'm afraid: the only way to bring up the settings for the recording device is to click on "Start Recording" (on AudioRecorder)...except that AudioRecorder then starts recording through the Pc's mic. By the time I've switched (in PulseAudio) from "built-in audio analogue stereo" to "monitor of built-in audio analogue stereo", AudioRecorder has already created a file (sound recorded through the mic). The moment I click on "Stop Recording" (on AudioRecorder) the recording settings on PulsueAudio disappear, and I'm back to square one.

so my question is: since I am not interested in using the PC's mic, how can I make sure that the recording source is permanently set on "monitor of built-in audio analogue stereo"?
In this video they show you the tool you need:
many thanks, the clip did the trick! Smile