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Full Version: I will never use another netrunner based distro ever again (rant)
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So what I am going to say is probably going to get me banned and have my topic erased because heaven forbid you criticize a distro and its development team on its own forum but I dont care anymore.
Its time for this madness to stop.

Okay so I started off with netrunner based on Kubuntu and i thought to myself "hey not a bad distro!" it was Kubuntu done right and had a lot odf nice tools into it.
But then SURPRISE! Netrunner Kubuntu is being replaced by Maui

So I tried Netrunner rolling

SURPRISE! It stopped being developed 

I try Nurunner... it goes nowhere

I try Maui 

I like it and then


Oh snap this schizophrenic development team changed its mind again kills off Maui and wants us to use netrunner again but this time based on debain so no PPA's.



This is tiresome, it is annoying, its development team has no idea what the fuck its doing anymore, things are changed with no warning or reason... Its time to say goodbye to this team of confused madmen and their growing case of distro changing madness.

No more

I am done

I am done with Stabuck

I am done with leszek

I am done with this development team

I am just going to stick with a distro like Manjaro or Mint where sanity seems to be a whole lot more common.
Having a similar feeling since switching to Netrunner. Last good system was Netrunner 14.04, then all went to hell - couple of crappy Netrunners, then Maui came, but seems to be stopped now, Netrunner Debian is not good, quite chaotic, KDE Neon not really a full distro... Going back to Kubuntu Wink