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Full Version: Maui 17.06: Firefox crashes when trying to upload files to certain pages
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I had to recover Maui from a backup after the installation of Konqueror messed it up. I decided to apply all updates level 1,2,3 so that also Firefox was updated to version 57.

Now I have the problem that when I try to upload a file (like a PDF) to certain sites Firefox completely crashes.

Has anybody any idea why this can happen? The same upload works fine with Chromium on the same pages.

Indeed I have the same problem, I think it is a problem with Plasmazilla Firefox, because the same upload works in normal Firefox.
What is Plasmazilla?
Maybe I should re-install the backup without all the (about 700) Updates? On the other hand I noticed that now my second screen is properly recognized so that I do not need to plug it out before booting every time.. This is also "a bit nice" ;-)
Plasmazilla is a special version of Firefox and Thunderbird that Maui uses from the plasmazilla ppa to show the proper Plasma file dialogs. Normal Firefox uses GTK file dialogs and you can install it by forcing it via Synaptic.
So do I need to uninstall Firefox completely before?

sudo apt-get remove firefox?
No, you just start Synaptic, find Firefox, and force the version of the package to Ubuntu one. Find the package and hit CTRL+E when you have it selected to force a version.