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Full Version: No suspend option after recent KDE update
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After updating KDE last friday and rebooting my laptop today I no longer able to suspend it. There is no option Suspend.

# pm-is-supported --suspend; echo $?

# pm-is-supported --suspend-hybrid; echo $?
Is the command
systemctl suspend
working just fine. So is it suspending the machine just fine?
Yes, I was able to suspend my laptop with this command.
Hmm... so the suspend option is gone from the menu? Have you tried changing the menu? Is the suspend option showing up in krunner when you enter suspend (ALT+F2)
[Image: h_1519205194_5384452_1277a04ace.png]

Yes, I see Suspend to RAM:
[Image: h_1519205214_9049633_937f964740.png]

Also I've configured to suspend on pressing power button while working from AC and this also doesn't work.
Very strange. It should not show up in krunner if its not supported I guess. Hmm... ok last try to see if its a configuration issue. Create a new temporary user and see if it works then for the new user and the entries are available.
Thanks, will try it. But now my trigger to suspend on pressing power button works and funny, but I can see Suspend option on countdown screen after selecting, i.e. Logout.
[Image: h_1519639210_6280420_e54e870ad3.png]