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Full Version: Qt software and icons
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I'm sure that I'm a noob, so please don't shoot me Big Grin
There are some Qt apps like Krita and Master PDF that are based on Qt 5 but they use an icon set very similar to Breeze.
Because I prefer Oxygen and even if I set Oxygen in system settings, they still work with their theme.
How can I change this setting (if it is possible) ?

Maybe they have hardcoded values or you can configure the icon theme separately in the application itself. If not it could be that the icons it requires aren't available in oxygen.
Hi Leszek,

so, if I urderstood in the right way, there isn't a simple way to change icon themes for these softwares if the coders don't give the possibility to change inside the apps.
Am I right ?

It depends on the applications. Usually the applications should stick to whatever icon theme you have selected. Krita does this definitely. Master PDF I don't know.
I don't know why, but Krita shows me its icons similar to Breeze and It doesn't take the Oxygen theme that I set into System Settings.

At least, it isn't a big problem, only curiosity  Big Grin

So, thank You very much.