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Full Version: Thank you for wonderful installer help tips
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I just wanted to say thank you for the work you did on the installer in Maui 17.06.

After installing a new video card, my existing Maui 17.03 with updates did not work properly. So I simply decided to update to Kubuntu 18.04. Unfortunatly I got errors during the install and I couldn't install it. Then I found that Maui 17.06 live cd actually recognize my new card out of the box. So I decided to install it on top of my old Maui install instead. But like Kubuntu 18.04, I got some error messages. The difference was that the Maui installer told me the error was that I needed a 500mb boot/efi partition. This was really strange to me since I did not need such a thing when I originally installed Maui 17.03. However, I decided to follow the suggestions given to me by the Maui installer and I created a boot/efi partition formated as fat 32 as Maui suggested. Low and behold it installed just fine. I'm sure Kubuntu 18.04 would have installed with the same changes. But when I wanted to install Kubuntu, I was not informed as to what the problem was. Only Maui told me the issue and how to fix it. Thank you Maui. It was this kind of small attention to detail that made Maui such a great distro. Maui will certainly be missed.
Thanks for the praise.
Actually the praise is deserved for the great work we build upon done by the Calamares developers who implemented that "Warning" aswell as many other good features that make this installer so good.